Testing Your Compatibility With Your Date

Okay, so you’ve finally worked up enough courage to follow through with your favorite date. After all those ‘matches’ thrown at you by those dating sites, you’ve finally decided on one specific person. You seem to have a lot of fun together, but well, the security freak in you would also want to know whether or not what you both have and share is the real deal.

One question you’ve begun to ask is about compatibility. And so, you’re just burning to ask the question and to somehow settle it once and for all: how do you know if you’re compatible with your date? What are the signs? How can you tell?

Top Ways to Test Compatibility

Take personality tests.

While this may seem to be too intellectualistic, it does help to allow you to gain a little bit more perspective when it comes to getting to know your partner a little better. Personality tests such as the Myers-Briggs Test, the Enneagram Test, and many other examples can help shed light on the kind of persons you both are, as well as what your tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses are.

Try comparing your deal-breakers and must-haves.dating

What are your uncompromisables? What are your partner’s uncompromisables? Are you a family person? Is your partner a family person? Do you agree on the things that should be agreed upon in a relationship? If there are significant differences then maybe you need to sit down and talk seriously about where you both think the relationship is going.

Observe each other in a lot of situations.

How different are you when it comes to dealing with minor yet stressful situations? How do you both deal with little disagreements, and how do you resolve them? Do you differ too much in the way you take care of these little things? Or do you share some wonderful similarities?

In the end, the perfect test of compatibility lies in how much you have experienced together, as well as how you handle being apart from each other. Online dating can really only do so much. The rest, as they say, is either up to you, or is simply history.