Here are a few of the Frequently Asked Questions about the services that we offer.

Is Kulano service for singles?

Yes.  We understand how difficult the juggling act of singles is: to begin with, you need to find a happy medium between happy home life and high-flying career. Needless to say, though,it’s an act that you may eventually master– especially when you rightly choose the assistance of a site such as Kulano.

We know what it is like to try and fit dating into the life of a busy bee such as yourself, so we do strive to make our site accessible – wherever you are and whatever you may be busy with right ow.We also pride ourselves in being reachable through whatever device and whatever service provider – whether you’re an Android or Apple user, we’re right here for you.

Is compatibility an issue?

Yes.  Kulano is proud of this other fact: our members appreciate the commitments involved with a demanding career and many of them are themselves a part of the corporate environment. With an average member age of 30-55, this means that most of the people you’ll be interacting with understand what it means to really set goals, to have a strict work ethic, as well as the struggles of having to integrate the dating life into your everyday working hours.

With that said, it won’t be difficult for you to establish the kind of compatibility that’s more authentic, one that’s no longer the lovey-dovey kind of connection. You can easily set goals together, because you’re basically in the same boat together, No more worries about premature compatibility.

How are pairs matched?

Kulano emphasizes intelligent matching.

Nope, we don’t do mix and match anymore. Nor do we do trial and error. At Kulano, we value your time and everything else you’ve invested in the site; thus, we take the matching process very seriously. The match is accomplished by a personality test of your choice first. And then, given your results, we work our way from there.